Nuts on Ice

Bike Race Saint Paul

In 5 days #crashedice will race in Moscow. To kill the waiting time let’s watch the bike race from Saint Paul: Richie Schley, Ali Goulet, Zak Earley & Matt Ford going down the ice cross track.

Posted by Red Bull Crashed Ice on Monday, March 3, 2014
January 12, 2016 by Brian De Groodt

About Our Warranty

Things We Sell, But Don't Make
Like that SIREN pint glass?  That SIREN hat?  Cool!  Glad we did a good job bringing you quality merchandise you're happy to sport.  Don't like it?  No problem!  Send it back.  You'll pay for that shipping thing, but we'll get the money you paid for the product right back to you--so long as you didn't take it for a ride across the Continental Divide and expect us to put it back into inventory. (That said, if you did do something epic with it, send us a picture.  We just might be interested in buying it back or sharing your story in exchange for something good out of the prize vault.)  Basically, remember we're a small business fighting in a big industry.  Our biggest asset is you.  We want, no, need you happy.  Didn't fit?  Wasn't what you had hoped for?  Didn't make it something we can't sell again?  Perfect.  We'll get you squared up.  Turned it into a shadow of the product it once was before you decided it wasn't for you.  Keep it. 
Things We Make
Here's the thing about us.  We labor over the details.  We lose sleep.  We try really hard! We work as hard as possible to ensure defects aren't what we're shipping.  We know what we've done to make sure our product and our service is up to a standard we feel defines the quality and experience we're seeking to deliver to you, our very esteemed customer.  We never want to violate that trust.
Here's the thing about you--we hope.  Accidents happen.  JRL, er, abuse, well that's fun in moderation and at times that causes our product that we put so much heart and soul and technology into to break.  We're not the Fun Police.  But we're also not your insurance agency.  Don't take our frames out and beat the living hell out of them and expect there to be another one hanging on the shelf waiting for you to call.  It's not happening. 
Here's the thing about us.  Mistakes happen.  Sometimes processes, even as well documented and thorough as they may be, they break down.  We get it and we don't want you left holding the bag for that failure.  So where reasonable minds come together and the good of the tribe is heart of the matter, we're going to take care of you.  It took us way too long to find you and you probably took even longer to find us.  Let's respect that relationship, make the world a better place and ride kick ass bikes!  Deal?  Deal!
October 27, 2015 by Brian De Groodt