Forged in the heat of a steel furnace high in the Rocky Mountains, Siren Bicycles are race-proven and made for the adventurer inside you. These bicycles have carried riders across the American Continental Divide, taken endurance racers to countless podiums, and allowed weekend adventurers to reach the edge of their personal frontiers.

Whether you're seeking a racing machine or pure dirt-trail discovery, Siren Bicycles are designed for what's inside you. We use American steel, American labor, and American ingenuity to produce the finest bicycles we know how. Siren Bicycles was founded in 2007 and is based in Boulder Colorado. American labor and materials guarantee that every Siren Bicycle is built to go the distance. From the hand-shaped tubing for the legendary John Henry to the cutting edge geometry of the Siren 55, these bikes will make your next ride the best one ever.